[Yeti DNS Discuss] anybody know what evidence might back these claims?

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An interesting wager based on that prediction: https://www.internetgovernance.org/2020/02/26/the-knake-mueller-wager-will-china-form-an-alternate-dns-root/

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From: Li Zhen
Date: 2020-02-28 16:55
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Subject: Re: [Yeti DNS Discuss] anybody know what evidence might back these claims?
I haven't heard relevant news like the one described in the article. I believe China will not split the Internet. As we all know, China is at the forefront of Internet applications. According to media reports, China ’s digital economy accounts for 34.8% of GDP, and it has become a network and digital power. If China shuts down the Internet, it will not be good for China's economic development. I personally feel that China will not close itself, it will only become more and more open. At the same time I was guessing what the author intended to write such articles.

 Li Zhen
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Subject:  [Yeti DNS Discuss] anybody know what evidence might back these claims?
2019: The Beginning of the End of the Open Internet Era
In the next decade, China will establish a separate root system for 
their share of the internet. This will mark the end of the global 
internet era. When the root splits, the United States and its allies 
should establish a coalition of democratic nations that would offer a 
stark choice and clear alternative to the Chinese internet governance 
model for the rest of the world.

Blog Post by Robert K. Knake

January 6, 2020


P Vixie

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