[Yeti DNS Discuss] Root algorithm rollover lab test is going to roll today and tomorrow

Davey Song ljsong at biigroup.cn
Wed May 29 03:28:10 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

For your information, the algorithm of lab-test roots is rolling today (case 1,2,3) and tomorrow(case4). 

The rolling of Case 2 is done around 03:00 GMT one hour ago. It surprises me that no error is reported especially for PowerDNS, because we once heard from some experience that PowerDNS will fail if only KSK algorithm is rolled without change to ZSK. We use PowerDNS 4.1 for this test.

Next: Case 1 and 3 is going to roll (at slot 5) around 06:00 GMT today. Case 4 (at slot6) will roll tomorrow around 06:00 GMT,

You can check the status of this test via the monitoring page https://yeti-dns.org/alg-roll-test.html . If you run a resolver for this test, please let us know if something is wrong on your resolver.

Best regards,

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