[Yeti DNS Discuss] "Global Internet Disintegrating -- What Comes Next?" (BBC)

Dmitry Burkov dvburk at gmail.com
Wed May 15 20:25:48 UTC 2019


what do you expect? To comment all this stuff?

I am ready to answer on any of your questions - but there are no 
questions - I see only some set of interpretations in news with mix of 
fake news...



On 5/15/19 10:58 PM, Paul Vixie wrote:
> this is mostly well researched.
> <<It’s DNS that Russia has been setting its sights on. At the 
> beginning of April, the country was supposed to test a new method of 
> isolating the entire country’s internet traffic so that citizen 
> internet traffic would only stay within the country’s geographical 
> boundaries instead of bouncing around the world. The plan – which was 
> met with skepticism from much of the engineering community, if not 
> dismissed outright – was to create a Russia-only copy of the DNS 
> servers (the internet’s address book, currently headquartered in 
> California) so that citizens’ traffic would be exclusively directed to 
> Russian sites, or Russian versions of external sites. It would send 
> Russian internet users to Yandex if they typed in Google, or the 
> social network VK instead of Facebook.
> To lay the groundwork for this, Russia spent years enacting laws that 
> force international companies to store all Russian citizens’ data 
> inside the country – leading some companies such as LinkedIn to be 
> blocked when they refused to comply.
> “If Russia succeeds in its ultimate plans for a national DNS, there 
> wouldn’t be any need for filtering out international information. 
> Russian internet traffic would just never need to leave the country,” 
> says Morgus. “That means that the only stuff that Russians – or anyone 
> – would be able to access from inside Russia is information that's 
> hosted inside Russia, on servers physically in the country. That would 
> also mean no one can access external information, whether that is 
> their external cash or whether it's Amazon to buy that scarf.”
> Most experts acknowledge that Russia’s primary goal in doing this is 
> to increase its control over its own citizens. But the action may have 
> global consequences too.>>
> http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20190514-the-global-internet-is-disintegrating-what-comes-next 

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