[Yeti DNS Discuss] "Global Internet Disintegrating -- What Comes Next?" (BBC)

Paul Vixie vixie at tisf.net
Wed May 15 19:58:41 UTC 2019

this is mostly well researched.

<<It’s DNS that Russia has been setting its sights on. At the beginning 
of April, the country was supposed to test a new method of isolating the 
entire country’s internet traffic so that citizen internet traffic would 
only stay within the country’s geographical boundaries instead of 
bouncing around the world. The plan – which was met with skepticism from 
much of the engineering community, if not dismissed outright – was to 
create a Russia-only copy of the DNS servers (the internet’s address 
book, currently headquartered in California) so that citizens’ traffic 
would be exclusively directed to Russian sites, or Russian versions of 
external sites. It would send Russian internet users to Yandex if they 
typed in Google, or the social network VK instead of Facebook.

To lay the groundwork for this, Russia spent years enacting laws that 
force international companies to store all Russian citizens’ data inside 
the country – leading some companies such as LinkedIn to be blocked when 
they refused to comply.

“If Russia succeeds in its ultimate plans for a national DNS, there 
wouldn’t be any need for filtering out international information. 
Russian internet traffic would just never need to leave the country,” 
says Morgus. “That means that the only stuff that Russians – or anyone – 
would be able to access from inside Russia is information that's hosted 
inside Russia, on servers physically in the country. That would also 
mean no one can access external information, whether that is their 
external cash or whether it's Amazon to buy that scarf.”

Most experts acknowledge that Russia’s primary goal in doing this is to 
increase its control over its own citizens. But the action may have 
global consequences too.>>


P Vixie

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