[Yeti DNS Discuss] Media inquiry from TechNode

hzzhang at biigroup.cn hzzhang at biigroup.cn
Fri Dec 20 03:23:29 UTC 2019

Dear Mr. Wei Sheng,

I'm Zhang Hanzhuo from BII Group, one of Yeti participants. Thanks for your interests in Yeti Project. More information can be found on our website http://yeti-dns.org/, and for more detailed information, I'd be happy to help via my Wechat and MP: 86-15810980681.


hzzhang at biigroup.cn
From: Wei Sheng
Date: 2019-12-20 01:46
To: discuss
Subject: [Yeti DNS Discuss] Media inquiry from TechNode

My name is Wei Sheng. I'm a reporter at China-based technology news outlet TechNode.

I'm writing to you to confirm a report by Chinese newspaper Global Times' report last week, which said the Yeti DNS Project had "established 25 root name servers in 16 countries in 2016." Is this true? If so, could you please provide more details?



Wei Sheng
Reporter, TechNode
shengwei at technode.com
+86 189 1073 3914

WeChat: shengwei_me
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