[Yeti DNS Discuss] How-to-join the lab test of algorithm rollover

Davey Song ljsong at biigroup.cn
Wed Apr 24 08:46:51 UTC 2019

Hi folks,


I setup a testing page for the second lab test of algorithm rollover:
https://yeti-dns.org/alg-roll-test.html . The difference between the first
trial and the second is that we add stand-by key and have a powerDNS
resolver in this testbed. This experiment will start from April 29th and end
on 1st of Jun.  I'm looking forward to reports of bugs and findings during
the rollover. Let's kick it off!


**Note that the experiment will start on April 29th, 0200 UTC when new KEY
and signatures will be published. Resolvers setup after that time are not
able to roll automatically.**


Best regards,


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