[Yeti DNS Discuss] OX record

Mukund Sivaraman muks at mukund.org
Wed Sep 19 17:31:27 UTC 2018

Hi Praveen

On Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 10:40:42PM +0530, Praveen Misra wrote:
> Was wondering if someone in the group is working on OX records and has
> any version of DNS software incorporated the feature. Basically was
> looking at an experimental testbed for updating correct version of
> firmware on IoT devices using an IPv6 network.
> Any inputs would be most welcome either on this group or individually
> (In case its disturbing the objective of this mailing list)

See RFC 3597 for how to add a TYPEnnnn record, using which you can load
RDATA of a type whose presentation format is unknown to the DNS


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