[Yeti DNS Discuss] update on yeti-rr.datev.net

Andreas Schulze andreas.schulze at datev.de
Mon Oct 29 13:57:22 UTC 2018

Hello all,

(BCC: Tony Finch, author of doh101)

Now, that our company is mentioned in an RFC for the very first time and my name is also included twice
I thought, I could give back something more then "Thank you"

Here it is: a DoH Server, https://yeti-rr.datev.net/dns-query

It's running nginx + lua + doh101 ¹) and works without noise at a first glance.

I currently test/use the server by two ways:
 - command-line tool https://github.com/fanf2/doh101/blob/master/doh.pl
 - setup as DoH-Server in Firefox 63

The DoT Server (yeti-rr.datev.net:853) is running for a much longer time but should also be mentioned...


A. Schulze

¹) https://github.com/fanf2/doh101

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