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Thu May 31 07:55:59 UTC 2018

Disappointed with IESG conflict review.  ;o

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Date: 31 May 2018 at 15:53
Subject: Hard to accept the IESG Conflict review
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Hi Adrain,

I just noticed the IESG conflict review was provided in the IETF website
by Shepherding AD,Terry Manderson. And a ballot is setup for voting in
IESG.   https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/conflict-review-song-yeti-

I personally has some comments on this conflict review. You can suggest me,
or share& distrbuited to anyone if you think who is appropriate.

I agree the conclusion made in this review which indicates no conflict.
It's good. But It is very hard to accept the note Terry asking to add into
the document.

1)Accroding to rfc5742, IESG review is for conflict checking. If Terry as
AD is  reviewing the whole technical content, the authors would like to
work together to clear all the points he has concerns. It is not fair to
give such a nagtive impression as a note with no detailed questions and no
place requesting us to revise.

2) If such note is added in this document, the readers will be very
confused that why this document is published by IETF. Because acoording to
the description of this note, the draft is good for nothing! IMHO, the
value of innovtion and what had been done in Yeti's experiments is to try
something different or even failing.

It faire enough to say this draft is not an Internet Standards Track
specificationare or it is not a candidate for any level of Internet
Standard as most ISE documents may mention. But I think It is upto readers
to decide how to handle the information provided by this draft.

3) As ISE writeup mentioned, great effort has been taken to make this draft
more tehnical neutral to ease the controversial part. Sadly,  IESG
assigned Terry
as the Shepherding AD who is ICANN stuff and he may have conflict of
insterest on this work. IMHO, if this note is added in this document,
people may suspect IETF's neutral position for tehnical innovation.

Best regards,
Davey Song (speak only for myself)
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