[Yeti DNS Discuss] Topics for Yeti Beer Bof : Proposed Beer bof in Montreal

Davey Song(宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
Wed Jul 11 04:27:24 UTC 2018

Some proposed ideas are listed below for our BoF:


1)       Yeti DNS as a system model has shown the capacity of independence
of the root system against Surveillance risk. and External Dependency.
However, some concerns may be still there on the security and stability of
data in case of ICANN failure. Some people want to be sure that their data
was independent of ICANN and/or the other. Maybe RFC7706 is one example to
start with. There’s substantial technical work to be done to make this
public accessible, scalable and automatic, for example improving the update


2)       More generally, it is known that DNS is a tree based hierarchical
database. Mathematically It has a root node and links between parent-child
nodes, referred as to a typical DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph). So any failures
and instability of parent nodes will impacts all their child nodes in case
of human mistake, malicious attack or even earthquake. The risk of
parent-child dependence is inherent in the nature of DNS. DLV (RFC4431) is
one example to weaken the parent-child dependency in DNSSEC use case. But
maybe more general case should be consider as well. It has been  proposed to
redefine Yeti as seeking to define technology and practices to allow any
organization, from the smallest  company to nations to be self-sufficient in
their DNS


3)       Blockchain or distributed ledger  is a technology to build a
decentralized network. ENS, Namecoin and Blockstack are cases of name
services for such overlay network. Generally when people talking about
Blockchain and DNS, the context is mostly a technology and system taking
place current DNS or ICANN’s authority. However, there is another
perspective that Blockchian will help to enhance the security and stability
of current centralized system, say the DNS. It is interesting to discuss
what we can do to use such technology (or simplely DHT) to provide DNS with
a side channel to address #1 and #2 issues proposed above. 


4)       Other potential items for example: Is it time for us to break the
convention of not adding new TLD in Yeti DNS testbed?  Any use case for IoT?
Any recent IETF proposals can be tested in Yeti or any Yeti work we can do
in IETF.


Always, comments and suggestions are welcome!


Best regards,



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Hi folks,


I think some of us are going to be at the IETF in Montreal next week. As
usual, we are going to have a small beer BoF for a Yeti gathering during the
meeting. I collected some proposals for Yeti’s Re-chartering from some
participants and I would like to share with you looking for comments. 


The proposed time for the Beer Bof is at 16:30~17:30 on Monday afternoon.
Please let me know who are available there and willing to join us. 


See you soon!


Best regards,



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