[Yeti DNS Discuss] Call for comment: Experiment proposal for Yeti Algorithm Rollover

Davey Song(宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
Wed Dec 26 07:35:01 UTC 2018

Hi colleagues, 


After some investigation of Algorithm rollover, and existing practice in
cctld (.se and .br). I proposed an algorithm rollover experiment plan for




In short, the first Yeti algorithm roll will follow the exact steps and
timeline to the prior yeti ksk roll. The only difference is the new key will
use ECDSA p-256. I explain why I choose this approach in github document. I
also would like to hear from you for comments and suggestions.


If no major changes on this draft proposal, I will test it in BII lab first,
then I will proposed it to be tested in Yeti testbed in 2019.


Best regards,


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