[Yeti DNS Discuss] 答复: Can Blockchain Democratise dot-COM?

'Stephane Bortzmeyer' bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Tue Oct 17 07:46:34 UTC 2017

> Several other attempts to create an alternative DNS have been made
> by Open NIC, New.net, and Name.space. Most of them were
> unsuccessful, accounting for only a few per cent of Internet users.

They have apparently a problem with numbers. "A few per cent" would be
several dozens of millions of users! "A few per million" seem more

> Currently, there are several alternative DNS servers up and running,
> including Google DNS, Open DNS, Advantage DNS, and ScrubIT.

Pure bullshit. What is "an alternative DNS server"? Google Public DNS
is a DNS resolver like any other one. It has nothing special. Should
Google Public DNS use Yeti, that would be "alternative" :-)

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