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Davey Song(宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
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Thanks. Looks like a positive introduction~

Yeti was also mentioned in diplo article "An Introduction to Internet Governance" in page 51( a pdf file). It looks neutral. 

" The issues: Alternative roots – feasibility and risks

One might ask why ICANN would have the exclusive right to dictate the list of TLDs and the way those resolve into IP addresses – could there be no alternative options to the current DNS system? While ICANN – via PTI, as the IANA functions operator – operates and administers the official DNS root that most users of the public Internet use in order to resolve domain names into IP addresses, several organisations operate active alternative DNS roots (Alt Roots). While such organisations offer their own array of TLDs – usually quite different from the ICANN TLD list – end‑users wanting to use such a service have to reconfigure their network settings to deviate from the universal root to the alternative root. One of the first Alt roots is the AlterNIC which was founded in 1995, and remained functional until the formation of ICANN in 1998.

Several other attempts to create an alternative DNS have been made by Open NIC, New.net, and Name.space. Most of them were unsuccessful, accounting for only a few per cent of Internet users.

Currently, there are several alternative DNS servers up and running, including Google DNS, Open DNS, Advantage DNS, and ScrubIT.

Another relatively recent and more ambitious project – the Yeti DNS Project, launched in 2015 – plans to ‘build a parallel experimental live IPv6 DNS root system to discover the limits of DNS root name service’.

Creating an alternative root name server system is technically straightforward. The main question is how many followers an alternative system would have, or, more precisely, how many computers on the Internet would point to the alternative servers, when it comes to resolving domain names. Without users, any alternative DNS would be useless."



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