[Yeti DNS Discuss] Call for comments on draft-song-yeti-testbed-experience-06

Hugo Salgado-Hernández hsalgado at nic.cl
Thu Dec 28 20:52:35 UTC 2017

Hi Davey.
Just submitted a pull request. My notes:

I did some minor corrections on typos and clarity
of references, with some other more sustantial changes
and suggestions:

- I had some confusion in the mixed use of "Root Server",
  "production Root Server", "root server", and its difference
  with the Yeti-Root infrastructure. So I fixed
  some references to "root server" changing it to "Root
  Server", and added a "Requirements Notation and
  Conventions" section, after Intro, to clarify that.

- In the difference of steps between section 3.2.1 and
  3.2.2, I found rather confusing to use the term "DM's
  local ZSK" on step 8. Changed the wording to "shared
  ZSK" and "unique local ZSK".

- I suggest to add a subsection 4.2.3 "Mixed RRSIGs from
  different DM ZSKs" as another operational experience from
  Yeti, with some text taken from lasts paragraphs of 3.2.2.

- Added a reference to the "Large response issue during
  Yeti KSK rollover" study where was cited.

Hope it helps.


On 09:49 15/12, Davey Song(宋林健) wrote:
> Hi colleagues,
> Thanks for your support for past 2 years in Yeti works on testbed and
> experiment. We introduced Yeti DNS structure and experience in a memo as a
> informational I-D. Now it is in ISE Review (Independent Submission Editor).
> And the editor ask authors to collect comments from reviewers. Since this
> mailing list is the group of people who are relevant and familiar with
> Yeti’s work, so I put this call here asking for more reviewer and comments
> to improve it.
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-song-yeti-testbed-experience-06 
> There is also a repo in GitHub. Issues and pull request are welcome.
> https://github.com/BII-Lab/yeti-testbed-experience/ 
> Thank you for your support and comments.
> Best regards,
> Davey

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