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ljsong ljsong at biigroup.cn
Sun Dec 24 09:45:04 UTC 2017

Merry Christmas !  


发件人:"Paul Vixie"<paul at redbarn.org>
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收件人:"ljsong"<ljsong at biigroup.cn>;
主题: [Yeti DNS Discuss] 答复:confusion over yeti-dns related to recent BIIpress announcement
thank you, everyone at BII, for publishing a finished version of your 
blog in which you clarified the relationship between your IPv6 public 
dns (anycast recursive ipv6-only) service, vs. your contributions to the 
Yeti-DNS project (large scale experimental ipv6-only root authority).



Paul Vixie wrote:
> ljsong wrote:
>> Yes, you are right.
> ok, thanks for the clarification. please let me know when this blog post
> has been corrected, so that i can begin tweeting it out.
>> http://yeti-dns.org/yeti/blog/2017/12/14/About-Yeti-DNS-and-IPv6-Public-DNS.html

P Vixie

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