[Yeti DNS Discuss] confusion over yeti-dns related to recent BIIpress announcement

Paul Vixie vixie at tisf.net
Tue Dec 5 16:21:55 UTC 2017

ljsong wrote:
> Thanks for the clarificaiton here and in OARC list. I think we should 
> keep that line as we announce this project.
> I'm sorry about the confusions by massive press and news recently. I 
> think it stems from the recently official IPv6 plan in China ( 
> http://www.gov.cn/zhengce/2017-11/26/content_5242389.htm ), which 
> contains the encouragement of IPv6-based root system as an innotiave 
> experiment and pilot. I list original txt below:
> 3.升级改造域名系统。加快互联网域名系统(DNS)的全面改造,构建域名注 
> 册、解析、管理全链条IPv6支持能力,开展面向IPv6的新型根域名服务体系的创 
> 新与试验。
> (4)IPv6根域名服务体系试验示范。推动根镜像服务器的引进,进一步提升域 
> 名系统解析性能。开展新型根域名服务体系结构及应用的技术创新,建设具有一 
> 定规模的试验验证网络设施,开展应用示范。

attached, please find a side by side summary using google translate. 
i've highlighted the concerning portions of the text.

> I had to say that the plan has great influence which make Yeti 
> well-knonwn afterwards. From my point of view, it is a good thing that 
> Yeti's work definitely got attention and acknowledgement in China. But 
> some saying is beyond what we have done.

yes, and, that's a problem, and upon reflection, more work will be 
needed, especially by BII, to solve that problem.

> Frankly speaking I do hope one day China or other countries can 
> maintain their autonomy on Internet Infrastructure including root 
> system. It should keep one namespace without conflict as Yeti does. It 
> can learn from Yeti and other DNS operational experience , but  it 
> should not be the goal of Yeti project. If there is any other further 
> initiatives take advantage of Yeti technology, I'd like to see.

none of the coordinators, operators, or experimenters are interested in 
an alternative production root server system. BII's comments were 
ambiguous on that point, and the ambiguity was amplified when you 
announced your anycast RDNS IPv6 system during your GNTC presentation -- 
because that anycast RDNS IPv6 system uses Yeti-DNS root hints.

please work with the BII management team to develop a public statement 
which unambiguously rededicates Yeti-DNS to non-production network 
science; and, please stop using Yeti-DNS as your production root hints 
in your recently announced anycast RDNS IPv6 system. i expect to see 
BII's disambiguating statement published on the home page of the 
www.yeti-dns.org web site.

i will defer other personal action on this matter while you and the BII 
management team deliberates. please keep us all apprised.

P Vixie

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