[Yeti DNS Discuss] confusion over yeti-dns related to recent BIIpress announcement

ljsong ljsong at biigroup.cn
Tue Dec 5 01:59:07 UTC 2017

Thanks for the clarificaiton here and in OARC list. I think we should keep that line as we announce this project. 

I'm sorry about the confusions by massive press and news recently. I think it stems from the recently official IPv6 plan in China ( http://www.gov.cn/zhengce/2017-11/26/content_5242389.htm ), which contains the encouragement of IPv6-based root system as an innotiave experiment and pilot. I list original txt below: 



I had to say that the plan has great influence which make Yeti well-knonwn afterwards. From my point of view, it is a good thing that Yeti's work definitely got attention and acknowledgement in China. But some saying is beyond what we have done. 

Frankly speaking I do hope one day China or other countries can maintain their autonomy on Internet Infrastructure including root system. It should keep one namespace without conflict as Yeti does. It can learn from Yeti and other DNS operational experience , but  it should not be the goal of Yeti project. If there is any other further initiatives take advantage of Yeti technology, I'd like to see.

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Subject:  [Yeti DNS Discuss] confusion over yeti-dns related to recent BIIpress announcement

today i received the following. i'm going to answer it publicly, as well 
as directly. the BII announcement was extremely unclear and i have 
already made it clear to the BII team that i cannot stand nearby when 
anything other than network science, or actual IANA rootops, are involved.

P Vixie



To whom it may concern,
Please transfer this email to Dr. vixie, the Chairmann&  CEO.

Dear  Dr. vixie ,

While doing IPv6 transition, we were noted that the Yeti DNS Project has globally launched 25 IPv6 root servers, in which 4 are in China.  In addition, it announced that the Yeti DNS Project constructs global IPv6-based  root name servers in order to demonstrate a new type of capability in root servers for IPv6 applications.

We understood that the Yeti DNS Project was started in June 2015, which is as a Live IPv6-only Root DNS Server System Testbed.  Now, we are confused and surprised that it serves as IPv6-based root name servers globally.

We read your article:<A1><B1>  Let Me Make Yeti-DNS Perfectly Clear<A1><B1>  dated on March 30 2016 in CircleID.  Please confirm if the announcement of IPv6-based root servers is valid, and if the<A1><B0>root name<A1><B1>  is formally authorized by ICANN?

Thanks for your validation.



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