[Yeti DNS Discuss] confusion over yeti-dns related to recent BII press announcement

Paul Vixie vixie at tisf.net
Mon Dec 4 14:39:16 UTC 2017

today i received the following. i'm going to answer it publicly, as well 
as directly. the BII announcement was extremely unclear and i have 
already made it clear to the BII team that i cannot stand nearby when 
anything other than network science, or actual IANA rootops, are involved.

P Vixie



To whom it may concern,
Please transfer this email to Dr. vixie, the Chairmann&  CEO.

Dear  Dr. vixie ,

While doing IPv6 transition, we were noted that the Yeti DNS Project has globally launched 25 IPv6 root servers, in which 4 are in China.  In addition, it announced that the Yeti DNS Project constructs global IPv6-based  root name servers in order to demonstrate a new type of capability in root servers for IPv6 applications.

We understood that the Yeti DNS Project was started in June 2015, which is as a Live IPv6-only Root DNS Server System Testbed.  Now, we are confused and surprised that it serves as IPv6-based root name servers globally.

We read your article:<A1><B1>  Let Me Make Yeti-DNS Perfectly Clear<A1><B1>  dated on March 30 2016 in CircleID.  Please confirm if the announcement of IPv6-based root servers is valid, and if the<A1><B0>root name<A1><B1>  is formally authorized by ICANN?

Thanks for your validation.



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