[Yeti DNS Discuss] Five additional servers added to Yeti testbed & an bug finding on priming response

Antonio Prado antonio at prado.it
Thu May 5 07:26:19 UTC 2016

On 5/5/16 7:35 AM, dbgong wrote:
>> the server is
>> request-xfr: 240c:f:1:22::7 NOKEY
>  240c:f:1:22::7 is the distribution master.

ok, it's behaving as expected but it has not a PTR, is that correct?

>> 1. the documentation should be fixed accordingly
>  for what? 

yeti-ns.lab.nic.cl. is missing from hints.root
yeti-ns1.dns-lab.net. is missing from hints.root
yeti-ns2.dns-lab.net. is missing from hints.root
yeti-ns3.dns-lab.net. is missing from hints.root
18ac3e7343f016890c510e93f93526.yeti-dns.net. is missing from hints.root
2e7d2c03a9507ae265ecf5b5356885.yeti-dns.net. is missing from hints.root
3e23e8160039594a33894f6564e1b1.yeti-dns.net. is missing from hints.root
3f79bb7b435b05321651daefd374cd.yeti-dns.net. is missing from hints.root
ca978112ca1bbdcafac231b39a23dc.yeti-dns.net. is missing from hints.root
(just created a pull request for that)

yeti-ns.conit.co has a different IN AAAA 2604:6600:2000:11::4854:a010

some other observations:
2001:200:1d9::35 has not a PTR
2a02:2810:0:405::250 has a not matching PTR
2001:e30:1c1e:1::333 SERVFAIL
2001:1608:10:167:32e::53 has not a PTR
2604:6600:2000:11::4854:a010 SERVFAIL

thank you

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