[Yeti DNS Discuss] Notes from Yeti 2nd Virtual meeting

Davey Song(宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
Fri Mar 25 01:42:29 UTC 2016

2016-03-24 07:00 UTC


We had the 2nd Yeti virtual meeting. There were 6 attendees:


* Davey Song

* Shane Kerr

* Kevin

* Runxia Wan

* Stephane Bortzmeyer

* Dmitry Kovalenko (right?)




Davey started with an update:



A question on the number of independent IPv6 addresses towards Yeti,
Stephane said it could be prefix not specific address. It is confirmed after
the meeting that 389 is the IPv6 specific address. 


Dmitry had a question about the IPv4 statistics on on graph. Stephane
suggested that this was probably internal monitoring of a French provider,


Dmitry suggested that we publish how to access the ticket system on the web,
so he can report issues as he finds them. (Davey suggested any bug report
can send to action at ops.yeti-dns.org and reminded that it is always possible
to send to the discuss mailing list.)


When we talked about the future, Stephane mentioned that he has some wild
ideas for experiments, and maybe we need separate systems for that if we
become more production. He also warns that production, possibly post-Yeti,
is much more complicated.




Shane presented the MZSK status:




Stephane wonders if any non-NSD servers had reported problems with IXFR and
different masters, or what their behavior is. Perhaps they even corrupted
their files? BII has access to the list of what software each Yeti server is
running, and can ask some people.


Dmitry recommends that when we report on the MZSK we include packet size
analysis, fragmentation, UDP success, and so on.


Davey notes that we had an additional finding in MZSK, which is that there
is a possible in different ZSK generated with the same tag. Right now the DM
check for this when they generate a ZSK.




Shane mentioned the IANA KSK roll status:




Dmitry asked if we had looked at the test systems mentioned in the ICANN
report. Shane had not, but will do that.


There was consensus that we should try a "normal" KSK roll first, and then
try to duplicate the ICANN plan. There is lots of time!




Davey introduced the possible Yeti naming experiment:




Generally everyone thought that we can try non-delegated as an experiment
and report the results, and also do the delegated and report on that.




Finally, Shane mentioned that he will be in Buenos Aires for DNS-OARC and
IETF. Stephane will also, and Davey will be at the IETF. Dmitry will skip
this one, but will be at the next IETF.

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