[Yeti DNS Discuss] Mirroring traffic using dnsdist

"Davey(宋林健)" ljsong at biigroup.cn
Wed Jun 15 03:25:40 UTC 2016

The mirroring function is tested in BII lab. I just put one simple article in Yeti website.

http://yeti-dns.org/yeti/blog/2016/06/15/Mirroring-traffic-using-dnsdist.html <http://yeti-dns.org/yeti/blog/2016/06/15/Mirroring-traffic-using-dnsdist.html>

Hope it will help. 


> 在 2016年5月14日,11:00,Paul Vixie <paul at redbarn.org> 写道:
> Daniel Stirnimann wrote:
>>> can you share your dsc config? we'd like to publish it on the
>>> yeti-dns.org web site. (and i'd like to run it myself at home.)
>> ...
>> Did you mean the dnsdist config?
> yes.
>> This is all that's needed:
>> addAction(AllRule(), TeeAction("<RESOVER-IP>"))
> i think i'm hoping for more. that is, i'm not using dnsdist today. i'd love it if you could provide online documentation, to be published at the yeti-dns.org web site, saying what name servers we'd hope to see dnsdist run on, and how to install dnsdist on such a server in a way that it mimics pre-dnsdist behaviour, and then finally, what to add to the dnsdist configuration to make it also sends its queries to Yeti.
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