[Yeti DNS Discuss] 答复: Rule to remove servers from the Yeti root server list?

Shane Kerr shane at biigroup.cn
Mon Jun 6 08:36:38 UTC 2016


At 2016-06-06 10:26:59 +0200
Jaap Akkerhuis <jaap at NLnetLabs.nl> wrote:

>  Davey Song(宋林健) writes:
>  > I have more ambitious idea is that the root system can be more adaptive and
>  > auto-adjust the server list in the hint file according to server failure.
>  > This give Yeti root system a default feature that the hint file is more
>  > dynamic. The resolver should be fully aware this feature.
>  >   
> The hints file is only used by start up of the name server. After
> that, in the life time of the running server should never ever be
> consulted. I don't understand what the benefit will be of changing
> the hints file behaviour.

I don't know what Davey is thinking exactly, but there are at least two
scenarios that might benefit from more dynamic root hints.

First, consider that it might be better to have slightly more dynamic
hint behavior if the IP addresses of root servers changes every few
days or even every few hours instead of maybe once every few years.

Second, it might be that different resolvers may have some reason to
see different root servers, instead of a complete set. This may be true
if there are hundreds or thousands of root server IP addresses, for
example. Right now we rely on BGP to allow this sort of scaling, which
sucks but is the apparently the best available technology for root DNS.

Ever since the root zone was signed we have a lot of flexibility in
delivering its contents. :)



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