[Yeti DNS Discuss] Rule to remove servers from the Yeti root server list?

Shane Kerr shane at biigroup.cn
Sat Jun 4 02:17:36 UTC 2016


tl;dr Should we have minimum reachability for Yeti root servers? If
      so, what should that be?

We want to insure that the Yeti root server system has a reasonably
high level of availability. Sometimes a root server has operational
problems. When we spot this, we contact the operator and try to get it
resolved. If a problem persists, the coordinators will have a
discussion about whether we want to remove the server from the root
server list.

We would like to have a rule that describes this, to make this kind of
decision easier and more transparent.

Does this make sense? Do you have specific recommendations as to what
the availability requirements should be?



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