[Yeti DNS Discuss] Scoring the Yeti DNS Root Server System

Daniel Stirnimann daniel.stirnimann at switch.ch
Wed Dec 21 08:35:53 UTC 2016

On 20.12.16 13:19, Davey Song(宋林健) wrote:
> * #14 server run by SWITCH get ★★★★★as a only 5-point server in Yeti DNS
> project. Congratulations!

Note sure how we got there! We don't do anything special which I believe
is a good thing as it means, upgrade cycles will lead to this result
We run a fairly current Linux distro (RHEL7.3) and BIND 9.11 on top of
it with no firewall in front of it except for some local iptables rules
(using raw table of course).

Daniel, SWITCH

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