[Yeti DNS Discuss] IGF2016 : Domain Name System fragmentation? Risk and reality

"Davey(宋林健)" ljsong at biigroup.cn
Fri Dec 9 16:06:05 UTC 2016


https://igf2016.sched.com/event/8hut/ws75-domain-name-system-fragmentation-risk-and-reality <https://igf2016.sched.com/event/8hut/ws75-domain-name-system-fragmentation-risk-and-reality>

Remote access : https://igf2016.sched.com/info <https://igf2016.sched.com/info>  in Workshop Room 2 

it will start in 2 hours (18:00- 19:30, UTC). Paul will give a presentation remotely, and I’m in site.


Davey Song(宋林健)
ljsong at biigroup.cn

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