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"Davey(宋林健)" ljsong at biigroup.cn
Tue Apr 19 03:21:26 UTC 2016

Hi Praveen, thanks for your comments. see my reply inline 

> (a) Geographical distribution of servers including DM

It is achieved  in Yeti

> (b) Reflective of the density of the Internet users so an area or geography having large density can have more root servers to serve


> (c) Peer and X-chage point considerations so the servers are easily reachable to the users.

> I also propose to add two more Yeti root servers and two recursive servers separated by 2000 Km from each other in India if agreed by others.

Thank you if you are ready please send mails to coordinators. Note that 25 is the number required by one of our experiment in which the servers are expected run individually by different operators to introduce diversity(not only technical aspects but also geographic representatives in certain sense of Internet governance ).  BII’s proposal is a short term solution to reach 25 in a prompt way. In a long run, adding more server can be achieve by anycast model as IANA root server operator do nowadays.  

> Also I would like members to share their views on how they have or propose to increase the traffic on the Yeti system so as to make it tested and robust.

We discussed one  lightweight way to mirror traffic from individual resolvers without changing its hint file. You will know when the proposal is completed in draft and tested.
> What about IDN. Is anyone doing tests on IDN in Yeti?
Do you have any preliminary idea on that? You are welcome to draft the problem statement and experiment proposal


Davey Song(宋林健)
ljsong at biigroup.cn

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