[Yeti DNS Discuss] yeti root name server health report

龚道彪 dbgong at biigroup.cn
Mon Sep 7 14:18:11 UTC 2015

Hi Stephane,

>> We have uploaded Yeti root name server health report  to yeti-dns.org.
>> Report link: http://yeti-dns.org/yeti_server_status.txt
>> We compare serial number, RTT, NS, ZSK and KSK  on all yeti root
>> name servers.

>What does "ZSK: WARNING" means (our dahu1.yeti.eu.org is in this

That is a problem about different ZSKs in the two DMs. We compare other Yeti root name server' ZSK with BII's DM.
WARNING means that the servers's ZSK records is not entirely consistent with BII.
we will fix this later.

>> Currently all is measured at BII lab.

>This should be mentioned in the text (specially for the RTT, which
depends on the location).

OK, we will add this  in the text report
and we will add some details in the health report.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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