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Federico Olivieri lvrfrc87 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 14:06:54 UTC 2015

Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for your reply. I'll merge your information with DSC
manual and I'll try to sort it out. If I'll have some problem, I'll let you
know for sure :)

Thank you for your time


2015-11-28 6:54 GMT+00:00 龚道彪 <dbgong at biigroup.cn>:

> Hi Federico,
>  *On *Sat, Nov 28, 2015 00:43 AM Federico Wrote:
> >In the meantime, I would kindly ask you if someone gets time to help me
> with my DSC collector/presenter::
> >I have 2 DNS servers that are running in local DSC Collector and DSC
> grapher. I would get together the DNS server >under one DSC presenter (as
> on Yeti website). I had a look to DSC manual and how ulpoad XML file to a
> remote >server but what is written in the manual does not correspond whit
> what I have on my server (in terms of scripts) >and >the instruction are
> not very detailed for my level of experience.
> 1. on DNS servers, you need install DSC collector, then configure cron
> task to upload XML files
>    you need configure dsc.conf, include interface, dataset, filter and so
> on.
>    can you upload the XML files to DSC grapher now?
> 2. configure DSC grapher to display info
>  you need install the Presenter as the manual guide.
>  have you completed this?
>  setup cron jobs(refile-and-grok.sh) to process XML files
>   you need configure dsc-grapher.cfg, which server will be displayed?
>   for example: the group of servers: include server-a and server-b
>   in the data dir: /usr/local/dsc/data:
>     servers/
>         server-a/
>         server-b/
>   then you should configure in the dsc-grapher.cfg
>   server servers  server-a server-b
>   if any problems, let me know.
> ---
> Kevin
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