[Yeti DNS Discuss] Talk about the Yeti project at Bazar du Libre, Toulouse (France)

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Sun Nov 22 09:11:00 UTC 2015

I made a talk about the Yeti project at Bazar du Libre
<http://bazardulibre.org/> in Toulouse (France) yesterday. The
conference was originally named Capitole du Libre
<https://2015.capitoledulibre.org/> but the hoster cancelled at the
last minute, because of the recent attacks in Paris. Bazar du Libre
was set up in a few days, as a replacement, in a large compound
squatted by artists, and hosting various events. Bazar du Libre is
mostly about free software but also about Internet, freedom,
philosophy and art.

I had no Yeti costume so I borrowed a Chewbacca one instead:



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