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> 在 2015年11月19日,04:20,Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at nic.fr> 写道
> True but note that, for many people, if the .com and .net name servers
> are not reachable, the result is almost the same as a failure of the
> root. (Before you say "but people use .org, .cn, .fr, etc" check the
> number of domains in these zones, whose all name servers are under
> .com or .net.)

> Same remark (and you could cite RFC 7626)
I will
>> There is no dynamic update mechanism to inform resolvers and other
>> Internet infrastructure relying on root service of such changes.
> Priming is (partially) such a mechanism.

Priming update the data in cache, not hint file.
>>  o  the serial when this information is active
> You mean the SOA? (Or else I don't understand)
Yes. Yeti root zone SOA serial number is the same with IANA's
>> The motivation of this naming scheme in Yeti is that it
>> intentionally produces larger packets for priming responses.
> Note that currently, the Yeti root has a priming response which is
> almost the same size as the IANA root. Yeti has no compression, and
> has one more name server, but it also has no IPv4 addresses.

True. I will add this into the draft as a clarification for the current status.

Davey Song(宋林健)
ljsong at biigroup.cn

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