[Yeti DNS Discuss] Yeti Root Server Glue

Shane Kerr shane at biigroup.cn
Sun May 24 11:08:33 UTC 2015


There was some discussion about the responses to priming queries that
we currently have from our Yeti servers. They don't give addresses for
all of the servers in the additional section (that is, they are missing
some root server glue).

I wanted to make sure I understand the issue with root server responses
and glue, so I dug into it yesterday. I think I understand it
more-or-less, and wrote it up (attached).

Note that during this exercise I went through all of the BIND 9
options, and tried various ways to convince it to return root glue. It
is possible that there is some magic way to do this, but I think that
it is actually an artifact of the in-memory data structure, so probably

Assuming the options outlined are the possible ways forward, we need to
decide what Yeti is going to do (at least for now).

Once we figure out what we are going to do, I think it makes sense to
document this on the Yeti site.


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