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Davey Song (宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
Tue May 12 01:34:39 UTC 2015

Hi Stephane, 

Thank you for your interest to our project. To your per question:

>- the machine (apparently, a VPS could be enough)
A VPS is OK. The experiments we expected so far (described in the
webpage)are not strongly related to computing and mem capacity of server ,
but to networking connectivity.

>- its connectivity
As I said, IPv6 networking environment is important to our experiment
especially IPv6 DNS MTU problem study. We need native, non-tunneled IPv6
connectivity, either as a customer of a national or international backbone
network, or as a multi-homed network who peers aggressively.

>- people to take care of it.
Well, this is a good question. Before we announce the project, three
Initiators (WIDE, TISF and BII) had a basic consensus on the commitment to
this scientific project. Because It is not for production network, so we do
not expect any urgent configuration changes. however the server cannot be
fully on auto-pilot, due to experiments that will affect the distribution
master servers and may require changes to the authority servers. therefore,
we expect authority operators to offer 24-hour response time to questions
and outage notifications, and 72-hour response time for planned
configuration changes. 

We are no-profit, no exchange of money, only for public and technical
interest. So we would like to invite qualified contributors who are willing
to share the same interest and commitment with us.

Best regards,

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Before deciding to say yes and to commit ressources to the project, I need a
better idea of what is involved. Paul Vixie said there will be no exchange
of money. So I assume a "root name server" Yeti operator has to provide:

- the machine (apparently, a VPS could be enough)
- its connectivity
- people to take care of it.

My biggest concern is for the third item. Unlike things like, say, ORSN,
which were purely "best effort", Yeti seems to require, not really SLAs but
at least some commitment. There is the initial setup
(easy) and then the work to do when something goes wrong, when there is a
new experiment, when there is a problem, when we need to reconfigure all the
servers in emergency. What exactly is expected?
24x7 NOC? Or just two or three persons reading their email and acting in < 2

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