[Yeti DNS Discuss] Brief update of Yeti DNS project

Davey Song (宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
Tue Jun 16 17:11:53 UTC 2015

Hi all, 


Firstly, thank you for your subscription to this Mailing list and your
attention to the Yeti DNS project. It is a full month after the birth of
Yeti DNS project. In the past month the coordinators in difficulties time
zones and languages work closely (best effort) to make Yeti testbed ready
for more participants. During that process, we received many kind comments
and suggestions from the community from which we more feel that the yeti
project is to be driven by the community not only by it initiators. So I
would like to take this chance to review and share some updates. Hope  more
people can join us and work together for the good of this project. 


Current Status and Updates:

1.       There are two DMs (BII/WIDE) running in Yeti testbed independently.
The ZSK rollovers in two weeks (we experienced 2 times of ZSK rollover) and
KSK rollovers in three month. Currently we use the same set of KSK and ZSK
which may change according to specific experiment.

2.       There are seven root servers running in the Yeti testbed now.
Besides three  initiators BII/WIDE/TISF, there are another four volunteer
operators, thanks their contribution (domain name, personal or organization,
contact person) : 

a)         yeti-ns.as59715.net, as59715 operator, Antonio Prado

b)         dahu1.yeti.eu.org, AFNIC+Gandi+eu.org, Stéphane Bortzmeyer

c)         ns-yeti.bondis.org, personal, Joao Damas

d)         yeti-ns.ix.ru, MSK-IX Team, Pavel Khramtsov

    Note that before the testbed ready for specific experiment, we are
trying to recruit 25 volunteer and qualified authority server operators in
this summer.

3.       The monitoring system for authority server is under test. Some
technical issues related Dnscap software and DNS packets capture in general
were explored and revisited. 

4.       Thanks to Italian illustrator Belinda Menzietti. She help design
and donate the logo of yeti project. One images can be found in the attached

5.       How-to-Join and data sharing draft documents are ready which are
still requested for review and comments 

6.       Some specific technical findings which is viewed as the true value
of Yeti activities.

a)         Glue issue. It was discussed in the mailing list
(http://lists.yeti-dns.org/pipermail/discuss/2015-May/000013.html). A patch
has been created by Shane Kerr for BIND 9 operators to fix the problem; it
will be offered to ISC after testing.;

b)         Multi-ZSK issue. It was identified when Single KSK/Multiple ZSK
mode was discussed. It is related to Multiple zone file signers experiment
scenarios. It is going to be described firstly in the mailing list and
resolved when related experiments are concerned;

c)         A comparing test in BII lab for Root Zone Update from F root, B
root, L-root DM, Internic website. It is shown that F and B are most ideal
channels to fetch the zone for Yeti testbed which is most real-time updated
according to the IANA root zone update. It is can be done in different
location on the earth. Or it is possible to ask IANA to provide a channel to
fetch unsigned root & arpa zone file for Yeti testbed;

a)         We checked that the dnscap software is able to meet our needs,
and it seems that while it is not a perfect solution that it works for Yeti.
There has been a report that dnscap is missing some packets from Stéphane
Bortzmeyer, which is worrying and being investigated by that team


To-do & draft Plan:

1.       Reconstruct the Website of yeti-dns.org with better structure and
more information;

2.       Make the monitoring system ready for both server and client sides.
And also ready for data sharing.

3.       Outreach to the community and let more people to recognize Yeti
project in international or regional meetings. (Attached is a brochure for

4.       Once enough number of root server operator (25) join the testbed,
necessary test will be made into stable phase for specific experiments;
(maybe in this summer)

5.       Call for experiments on Yeti testbed according the scope of the
project once Yeti Testbed is ready for experiment (maybe in this autumn );

6.       There is a plan to host the Second Workshop on DNS Future Root
Service Architecture(2015 WDFRSA) in HK in December this year. If we can
collect more sponsors we can invite more Yeti people to come.


Best regards,

Davey (for the coordinators)



Davey Song 宋林健
Technical Manager
BII Group
Telephone: 86+13810106659


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