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Is Yeti testbed ready for this study?  the deadline is a little bit tight, 2
July 2015

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) is
seeking one or more providers to conduct a technical study examining the
impact of the New gTLD Program (the Program) on the DNS root system.
Consistent with its mission supporting the security and stability of the
Internet’s system of unique identifiers, ICANN will undertake an
examination of the Program’s impact on the DNS root system. The selected
provider(s) will design and execute one or more studies incorporating the
collection and analysis of data from root server operators, historical
performance data, data gathered from previous studies, and other tools and
measures.  ICANN is seeking one or more qualified providers to manage this
complex exercise in a timely and efficient manner.

A review of the Program for security and stability impact is a previous
commitment based on advice from ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee
 and other discussions. Specifically, ICANN committed to review the effects
of the New gTLD Program on the operations of the DNS root system, and to
postpone delegations in a future round until it is determined that the
delegations in the 2012 round have not jeopardized the root system's
security or stability.

The goals of this study include, at a minimum:

   - Executing a thorough review of the impact of the Program on the
   security and stability of the DNS.
   - Identifying what steps, if any, should be undertaken as a prerequisite
   to adding more TLDs to the root zone.
   - Identifying what steps, if any, should be undertaken by the community
   going forward to assess the state of the root zone on an ongoing basis.

For additional information, complete timeline, and instructions for
submitting responses please click
[ZIP, 983 KB]

Proposals should be submitted to RootStabilityStudy-RFP at icann.org by 23:59
UTC ON 2 July 2015.

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