[Yeti DNS Discuss] 答复: How to join yeti

Davey Song (宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
Tue Jun 2 08:11:32 UTC 2015

Yes. I notice that our data collecting server provides IPv6 access but
without IPv6 NS server (like google dose). We will fix it by changing the NS
server from hichina to godaddy.(may take several days). Before that you can
use an external DNS resolver for a while.


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发送时间: 2015年6月2日 15:37
收件人: Davey Song
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主题: Re: [Yeti DNS Discuss] How to join yeti

The script data-commit.sh uploads data to data.dnsv6lab.net. It is funny
that, despite its name, this domain has no IPv6 name server (which means
that an IPv6-only Yeti root server cannot upload, unless it uses an external
DNS resolver; this is important since some hosters, such as our member
Gandi, make better prices for IPv6-only machines).

% check-soa -i dnsv6lab.net          
dns10.hichina.com. OK: 2015051611 (314 ms) OK: 2015051611 (337 ms) OK: 2015051611 (487 ms) dns9.hichina.com. OK: 2015051611 (513 ms) ERROR: Timeout ERROR: Timeout

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