[Yeti DNS Discuss] 答复: First KSK rollover in Yeti Testbed

Davey Song (宋林健) ljsong at biigroup.cn
Mon Jul 13 04:48:41 UTC 2015

Hi Stephane,

Thank you for the bug tracking and reporting constantly . We are considering
holding off the KSK rollover process in Yeti system. It is better to make
necessary document and do some internal test before we use it in our Yeti
network. if you are interesting, I will include you to the discussion of
that process.

发件人: Stephane Bortzmeyer [mailto:bortzmeyer at nic.fr] 
发送时间: 2015年7月12日 18:43
收件人: Davey Song
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主题: Re: [Yeti DNS Discuss] First KSK rollover in Yeti Testbed

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 06:14:54PM +0800,  Davey Song <ljsong at biigroup.cn>
wrote  a message of 146 lines which said:

> NOTE THAT: the Yeti KSK is going to rollover 2.5 hours later. The yeti 
> (RSASHA256 2048) rollover every three month.
> The old KSK:
> Inactive: 20150707123125 (Tue Jul  7 20:31:25 2015)
> Delete: 20150714123125 (Tue Jul 14 20:31:25 2015)

Apparently, the old KSK, 24439, is not flagged REVOKED (the flags should be
385, not 257), as RFC 5011 says it should. Is it normal?

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