[Yeti DNS Discuss] Poor report from BII

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Fri Jul 10 20:10:16 UTC 2015

I've just read <http://www.biigroup.com/en/news/s/?817.html>, a media
report about Yeti.

I do not like this sort of report. First, Yeti is presented in a very
exaggerated way, "brand-new technical architecture", "higher
scalability", "stronger security". Today, Yeti is nothing of the sort:
it is small, the traffic is very low, it has no technical
breakthrough, it is not reliable (today, since 14:45 UTC, import of
DSC data from several servers is down again). Sure, it is an
interesting project (and that's why we participate) but it requires
more modesty.

Also, we did not communicate a lot (and rightly so, since the project
is at its very beginning) so claiming "Yeti has stirred the
communities of global media, internet organizations at home and
abroad, and even the netizens across the globe" is frankly ridiculous.

Finally, saying "It cannot be denied that the current root server
system, in terms of quantity, technology, and its operation mode, has
failed to meet the technical and industrial demand" is both an insult
to our colleagues of the "ordinary" root name servers and simply a
false statement (the current root *works*). When we will have the
track record of the ordinary root, we may criticize them! In the mean
time, it is wiser to shut up and work.

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