[Yeti DNS Discuss] RIPE Atlas DomainMON for Yeti

Shane Kerr shane at biigroup.cn
Thu Dec 3 16:23:36 UTC 2015


There was an article on RIPE Labs today about "DomainMON", which is a
way to get the DNSMON for any random domain:


I decided to try this for Yeti.

* On the first page, where it asked for the domain, I put ".".

* I was presented with a list of all of the IANA root servers, by name
  and IP address. I unchecked the column "Include this server?" for all
  of them (the were on by default).

* I then used "Add manually defined servers" and cut & paste the
  results of my local "dig -t ns ." (I have my local resolver using the
  Yeti servers.)
  I did get a bug of some kind. When I added the 2nd server it also
  added d.root-servers.net but with a strange IPv4 address. Clicking
  "X" to remove this from the list of manual entries seemed to work
  fine. This happened again on the 5th server. (My guess is that this
  has something to do with IPv6-only servers.)

* Adding servers manually re-checks all of the "Include this server?"
  boxes, so I unchecked those again.

* Going to the next page, the options are:

  * Number of probes (defaults to 10)
  * UDP with frequency (defaults to on, 3600 seconds)
  * TCP with frequency (defaults to off, 3600 seconds)
  * ICMP with frequency (defaults to off, 3600 seconds)

  These defaults cost 167% of my daily credit income. I played with the
  values and opted for:

  * 2 probes
  * UDP on at 3600 seconds
  * TCP on at 7200 seconds
  * ICMP on at 14400 seconds

  With these values it runs at 92% of my daily credit income.

* I clicked on the green "Monitor" button and got an error page.
  Luckily the actual monitoring seems to have been registered. I can't
  edit the page, but it seems like it is there. When I look at the "my
  measurements" page I see the measurements - and that pesky
  h.root-servers.net. :P

I've mailed the RIPE NCC to see if they can fix the various issues.

We may also want more tweaking, because it seems like the probes picked
may not be those with "good IPv6 connectivity" which basically makes it
worthless for us.

Overall it seems like a great tool for watching Yeti though! Or maybe
that it *will be*. I remain hopeful, and will let you know how it
progresses. :)



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