[Yeti DNS Discuss] Yeti root KSK roll, IANA root KSK roll

Shane Kerr shane at biigroup.cn
Thu Aug 20 07:18:18 UTC 2015


We (Davey and I) have been thinking about the process for Yeti KSK
management, including roll. We have looked at the ICANN root KSK roll
proposal document, and think that we can combine some work for Yeti and
some feedback for ICANN at the same time.

Attached please find a review that I made of the ICANN document, from
the point of view of how it can help Yeti.

I think that there are a few things that we (the Yeti project) need:

1. Yeti KSK management
   a. Yeti KSK management document
   b. Yeti KSK roll communication plan
   c. Yeti KSK roll technical procedure
   d. Yeti KSK DPS

2. Yeti reply to ICANN root KSK roll proposal
   a. Quick reply based on a review of the document
   b. Design of some Yeti experiments to give feedback on process
   c. Execution of Yeti experiments to give feedback on process

Right now I'm putting together some documents for the Yeti KSK
management. I am of course happy if someone is willing to help -
especially for the DPS, since I have no experience with writing a DPS
(and am not much looking forward to getting this experience). In any
case, I'll publish something to this list with drafts of each.

Davey and I would like the Yeti reply to the ICANN root KSK roll
proposal to be a real Yeti community work. Maybe a few of us can get
together in a task force and produce something? The document is not
very long, and a lot of it is background for people who are not DNS
experts. (We'll send out a separate mail to try to start such a task


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