[Yeti DNS Discuss] add Data server backup plan

龚道彪 dbgong at biigroup.cn
Fri Aug 14 08:49:54 UTC 2015

Hi colleagues,

When we maintain the DSC page of Yeti root server, we occasionally experienced the IPv6 
network failure which break the traffic collecting process. Just yesterday, we used traceroute 
to find there is a link failure due to HE IPv6 network. To resolve the problem, we proposal to  
add a backup server on a different location. We update the upload code to use "SRV” 
records so that the upload process automatically falls back to a secondary location.

Now we have updated document and monitoring script.


monitoring script: add SRV support via wrapsrv
Please help to review and test the new version of monitoring script.

welcome your comments.

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