[Yeti DNS Discuss] A weird behavior of Knot

Carsten Strotmann carsten at strotmann.de
Fri Aug 14 08:43:50 UTC 2015


Davey(宋林健) wrote:
> Hi all, 
> We observed a weird behavior of Knot when we reset the .arpa ns records
> to [a-m].root-servers.net <http://root-servers.net> in root zone file. 
> The knot root server (yeti-dns01.dnsworkshop.org
> <http://yeti-dns01.dnsworkshop.org>)  entered a a kind of "hung” state
> after updating the root zone (with a new serial number) but without
> change of the NS records list for .arpa.  

some additional information: the Knot-DNS version running at the time
was 2.0.0-r1. It has since been updated to 2.0.0 (the release version).
The weird behavior seen might have been an artifact of the
release-candidate version.

I'm keeping an eye on the server and will try to gather more debug
information should something similar happen again.

Best regards


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